Driver.20130508 has increase the feature to auto reconnect satellite signal when it was lost during bad weather or connection. Please download new driver from our Download Page

Launch VP3000 DVB-S2 PCI
Visionplus launches new product VP-3000 DVB-S2 PCI card. VP3000 is a single tuner DVB-S2 PCI card working with both DVB-S & DVB-S2.

Launch VPT1000 DVB-T USB
VPT1000 is a DVB-T USB dongle with compact size. It works with Microsoft Windows Media Center and major DVB application

Launch VP1000 & VP2000
Visionplus launches VP1000 DVB-S PCI & VP2000 DVB-S USB. S421 is a single tuner DVB-S PCI card with low profile forma factor; VP2000 is a single tuner USB 2.0 Box.